Friday, June 12, 2009


The Dick Times: News that Bites!
Dateline Chicago 12 June Year of Viagra*
June Spoon Howl at the Moon

ITEM! Red Horde blasts court pick timing,
wants three months of sliming Sonia!
A.M. noise and Fox news boys decry
Obama’s choice for court,
not their sort, they claim!
Not lame enough, even with cracked ankle!

ITEM! Dems in White House rankle whackos,
more take up arms in opposition!
“Guns for God”, the Chosen seem to claim,
take aim in Wichita and Holocaust Museum!
Broadcast mouthpiece for the lunatics,
Limbaugh picks up microphone,
and blames left for killings!
Cheney kid adds manure to the compost heap
by leaping into fray with righteous fury,
dittos junk she hears at dinner table,
fairy fables of the un elected outs!

ITEM! Palin family throwing fits,
can’t get over losing, still amusing
on the late night shows,

Dick sez: but boring me to tears by dawn!

AND!!!! TheBeneDicktion!!!!
O, great spirit
lay your hand
upon the crazies in our Land,
let us all see middle ground.

Hound the haters into hell
fix the crack in that big bell
in Philly.

*AND!!! Hot new feature: The Dicktionary!!
“Year of Viagra”: that period in American history
in which the elected officials in Washington are
thwarted by stiff opposition from the (very) minority party,
as lead by their congressional spokesperson
John Boehner, R.Ohio, his actual name pronounced
in a way which kind of takes the edge offa this joke.
We’re down on that. We understand. Thank you.
and our famous facebook group,
now gone global! “It’s free! And worth it!” (Dick)


Anonymous said...

Hey....this is Kelly from FB....they won't let me post to walls for some reason.

I'm around...will be checking out yr' blog.

Andrew Patner said...

Sorry you left in a huff. Not even a minute and a huff.


Jim Mall said...

You were accusing me of blowing your house down.