Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crash Scene

Special to THE DICK TIMES: NEWS THAT BITES!! Dateline 20 September, Chicago!  New York Times reports AT&T CEO remarks at investor conference! "No texting while driving," sez Randall Stephenson, who no doubt composed his message on a backseat laptop while being conveyed to the confab in a limo!  Left out of final draft was the optimistic observation that many driving texters die young, before producing heirs of equally limited cerebral capacity, thus elevating the gene pool by omission, a negative factor which current scientific efforts have found impossible to track, although arbitrarily rough numbers can be assigned by inference using the alliterative algorithm, "Dead Dopes' Destinies Defy Detection." Dick sez: Stay tuned for less on this emerging story! **Photo credit Yahoo images teens share WTF moment at accident scene.

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