Friday, May 22, 2009

AULD SOD (omites)

Same old tricks: bashing evil dicks
trashing catho licks!

The Dick Times: News that Bites!
The Auld Sod (omites)
Dateline Ireland, 20 May Year of Viagra
Special to The Dick Times!

Church of Rome runs home for rapists
on Auld Sod!

Irish house of god employs large gang
of child molesters 
in its foundling homes
as priests, and nuns, and bishops
wink and nod
and evil festers!

Clergy dirties hands
with child abuse 

and servitude by minors 
and beatings of the kids 
while in the nude!

The helpless and abandoned
and forgotten 
taken into charge
by rotten church- appointed freaks,

all geeks in habits, vestments,

covered up for years
and now revealed at last-

a vast conspiracy!
Abduction of the kids
of unwed mothers,
kidnapped by the parish priests, 
orphans taken in, enslaved to sex
and stringing rosaries in Jesus’ name!

The shame this news
should bring upon the church,
from Rome to Wichita
is still beyond belief
as readers of this page 
now find such grief too much 
to swallow!

So go follow 
all the latest dirt elsewhere,
if any papers in the states
should care to dig more deeply
through the rancid mess!

Dick sez: I must in sorrow
now confess
this news
just reinforces all my
former prejudicial views.

AND!! The BeneDicktion!
O great spirit
beam me up
take away the poisoned cup
the daily horrors on this earth
sometimes make the trip not worth
the show.

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Anonymous said...

Why does Klu Klux Klan immediately come to mind when I look at this picture.
I'm not certain which group is worse or more nauseous.