Friday, May 08, 2009


The Dick Times: News that Bites!
Dateline Chicago, 8 May, Year of Viagra


Politics hit springtime slump
but GOP takes self-linflicted lumps
as Limbaugh lashes out at all who dare to stand,
not kneel, before his throne!

With every speech the party lets him own its message:
all back down without a fight
in face of bloated talker's
broadcast might!

And!! The Palin girls insist
safe sex
is none,
while where the rubbers meet the road
the never-will-be-son- in -law says
"all kids do it anyhow,
for fun!"

Don't ask, don't tell still shrinks fighting ranks
as if straight guys lived in greater fear
of gays
than guns!

And!! Bracko does a tortured dance
around the waterboard,
then signs a Prayer Day proclamation
while nation watches three more states agree
that marriages should be
between two people!

Dick climbs nearest church's steeple,
where he hangs a flag
"Jesus loves a fag"!
Congregation now in 50/50 split
while non-believing P.C. readers throw a fit!

O Great Spirit, hear my voice,
let all women have a choice
Give all lovers marriage rights
keep us out of foreign fights,
Bless the poor, ignore the rich,
and tow us from the downturn ditch.

A men, women, GLTG


Mel Andringa said...

Nice job Jim.

Lynn Voedisch said...

I love the part about "where the rubber hits the road."