Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Dick Times: News that Bites!
Dateline The Stump 11 February Year of Viagra

Bracko mounts blue collar stumps in Red Horde lands!
Hands few lumps to Dee Cee naysayers,
invites all to play
in stimulating game!

Boehners back off for now
having taken vow
to kill bill later!

Dick, a long time Red Horde baiter,
Dub and Cheney hater,
looks to Leahy’s Truth Commission plans
as meat for future posts!

Hosts of ass- protecting witnesses expected!
Torture lovers on the right could sing,
and arias of “followed orders”
might take wing!

Cheney’s plea of “privilege” rejected
as his lieutenants down at Gitmo point at him!
Chances slim that he’ll do any time,
but slime may cling for years to come!

Dick sez: send this bum
to hell
in a hand casket.

And! The BeneDicktion!
Dear Saint Peter, close that gate!
Cheney’s heart might seal his fate!
If heaven needs another Dick
I volunteer! ( don’t be too quick...)

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