Friday, February 06, 2009


The Dick Times: New that Bites!
Dateline Dee Cee -6 February- Year of Viagra

Bracko goes all stimulating on tv news!
Expresses caustic views of bad execs,
puts voodoo hex on G.O.P.!

“Vote went to me”, sez prez
“Left John and Sarah in the dust,
so just grow up!”

Far right Boehners now own franchise,
can’t get wise to lost election!
Dick sez: These Boehners got a bad infection,
need a penisillin shot!

And! A fresh new Annex: Dick’s Health Clinic!
One stop shopping
for all those formerly criminalized favorites!
Stem cell research!
Medical marijuana!
Same sex marriage health certificates!
Pharmacists who fill all prescriptions!
Women’s constitutionally guaranteed rights honored!
Universal single payer insurance cards accepted!

The beneDicktion:
Bless our brand new U.S.A.
keep the bad Red Horde away
Waterboard the whole right wing
make them all stand up and sing:

My country tis of thee
no longer G.O.P.

and no King Ron

Land where the voters said
the trick- el down is dead,
Don’t let them steal our bread

Mine’s nearly gone.
Amen, Amen, and A- freakin’ MEN !!!!

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