Monday, February 02, 2009


The Dick Times: News that Bites!
Dateline chez moi on groundhog day

Dick Times Downer!
Out of towner sez Dick depresses,
dresses us down and messes
with our head in therapeutic musing!

Too confusing, thinx Dick
while mulling mini-mauling...
we missed our calling?
Shoulda gone to seminary,
learned to gather lambs
and shepherd mixed- up masses
instead of passing gas on crooks
and blowing flames at politicians.

World needs more physicians!
Shoulda gone to med school,
taken out big loans
and then default
like all the Wall Street guys
who loot the country’s vault,
beating down the doors at Knox.
What is it, rhymes and means the same
as Dicks? That’s those guys!

Or attorney!
Took the Law School Test back when,
at Mom’s behest,
but thought it best to flip her off
and didn’t ask to get
in any schools,
thought it cooler hanging out
in Greenwich Village
for a year
with some other fools.

Spilt milk now, and we renew our vow
to keep the fire burning at the feet of
Dicks, those dirty, ah, er,

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