Saturday, February 21, 2009


The Dick Times: News that Bites!
Dateline Chi town 21 February Year of Viagra
See Quinn Dressing Down Roland, or
Bride of the Grandson of Bad Hair Day, part seventeen!

Ill Gov kills peace dove
As Song of Roland spins again
on Dee Cee turntable!

Burris’ fate seemed sealed in pretty wax,
now wanes with new facts emerging!

Patrick Quinn, ensconced in Springfield seat,
fires neatly over bow of ship of state in D.C. !
A warning shot that all is not forgot:
Don’t get too cozy over there!

Some look to Bracko for a word
but so far Prez sez naught,
was taught in law school: Keep mouth shut
when many flies are in the room!

The BeneDicktion!
A pall of doom has settled in
We look to help from Patrick Quinn
This whole damn mess is Blago’s sin-
Is he still doing talk shows?

The nation’s in an awful mess,
but even so, I must confess,
it’s food for Dick, and so I guess
we’ll follow where the wind blows.
Amen, Ahhhhhhhh women!!!!!!

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