Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The Dick Times: News that Bites!
Dateline Capitol Dome 24 February Year of Viagra


Bracko nails details of plans to door,
asks for more from Hill!
Prez makes careful outline of positions
while Boehners stiffen on shrunken side of Chamber!

No stone in new bridge back is unexamined
as calm and careful guy tells country
“We’ll get out, but use my map”

Some Boehners seen to clap
but Dick thinx it’s for show
as folks back home are watching them!

Proof to be in pudding
when votes are finally called
and stimulus gets mauled by nays!

No word on gays or women’s rights
as Prez saves social fights
for calmer waters
after crisis hurricane
has waned!

Troops to stay abroad in fighting force
as two bad wars continue crooked course
down hill
to probable disaster!

Bracko seemed to promise faster ends
in campaign days
but D.C. has its ways
of crushing Hope!

Dick sez: Dub The Evil Dope sure left a pile on the walk,
and just when plastic grocery bags are disappearing!

AND! The BeneDicktion!
O, Great Spirit!
Help this man
the country’s nearly in the can
please bless the new recovery plan
and save us from depression!

The last eight years have done us in
make those bastards burn for sin
don’t let the crazies pull a pin
arrest them for possession!

Amen! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Women!

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