Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dick Dubs an emperor!

The Dick Times: News that Bites!
Dateline DC, January ought five

Agenda frenzy in the offing
and Dick doffs cap to newly Dubbed
Faux George Third the Second
who now goes on to wreck the nation
by donning purple for inauguration!

With Darwin still in schools
and Jesus not yet on a twenty
there’s plenty for the Reds to work on
in the next four years!

Queers run rampant in our streets,
some New Deal stuff that still requires beating back,
no lack of sin to rail against and prayers to post
on court house doors!

Many wealthy still are taxed,
and death row inmates need to die
to learn their lesson!

Smith and Wesson wants us all
to own a gun
for sport,
and other sorts of Christian teachings
need to reach some stubborn ears!

Now that we have triumphed in Iraq
the troops will soon be back
to help keep order
should the Blues require
with the help of new best selling
Little Red Book.
Dick sez: look for that one soon at Borders.

And! The Diquiz!
How many elected Republicans does it take
to turn on a light bulb
over the head of the Democratic party?

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