Monday, January 10, 2005

Not so Speedy, please

The Dick Times: News that Bites!
Dateline The Rabbit Hole January ought five

Alice would have felt at home in Bush’s U.S.A.!
A weasel gets the senate’s nod for Justice Chief!
He personifies the metaphor “banality of evil”
in answers to the soft ball questions
on his take on torture!

“Oh, sure,” he says,” it’s easy to be gentle
to a gentleman, but don’t let’s spare
the red hot irons when guys are really bad!
A needle underneath the fingernail won’t kill you,
and if you’re innocent the pain will pass.
After all, this is the information age.”

This worm in human form is Dubby’s final answer
in the line of Red Horde A.G. picks!

Dick flicks his middle finger at Gonzales
and asks you to consider all these names below:
John Mitchell
Ed Meese
John Ashcroft

How many places were set at
The Mad Hatter’s tea party?
When will the Democrats arise
and finally, effectively, with some
degree of unanimity say
“Off with their heads!”
Oh, sorry, that would be capital punishment,
and three Democrats might not believe it’s
a deterrent to crime...( and as a consequence
probably won’t be reelected. )

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