Monday, November 15, 2004

Slippery George

The Dick Times: News that Bites!
Dateline the parsonage, 14 November
Slippery George!

Red states conned as chasm yawns across U.S.!
Bush kisses crucifix, says “I love this the most!”
then boasts of turning back the country’s clock!

Instead he puts us into hock with corporate giveaways
but will not answer when we ask “Who pays?”

And! Ashcroft out! Prudish lout to be replaced
with ethnic face
as Dub stays in the race
to stroke the Catholic vote!

Of special note: Gonzales, surely slated for Supremes,
has pro-life schemes, school praying dreams,
and reams of paper trails to prove it!

Dick sez: yo, check it out, Judiciary Committee,
but take along some K-Y jelly!

And! The Dick Challenge!
Last week in an appearance with Prime Minister Blair,
Near Minister Bush offered new rationalizations for
the current Iraq adventure. Never, he said, has the
United States interfered with or intervened against
a democratically elected government.
The Dick Times, a poor, struggling independent
near nonentity hereby offers a $1,000 reward
to any one who can substantiate that claim
by examining the historical record, country by
country, east, south, and west. Okay, look at
Canada, too, but we’ll give you that one.
And if Near Minister Bush should rise to this
challenge by offering us a grand for every
exception to his
( choose one )
A. stupid and uninformed remark
B. outrageous lie
we could buy a new delivery truck.
Or hire a proofreader.

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