Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Fate of the Union

The Dick Times:News that Bites!
Dateline the Capitol, 2 Feb. year of the post turtle
Chinese “Capitalism renews all energies” calendar
The Fate of the Union!

George Bush Deuce recites the gospel
Rove hath writ
in hopes of writing history
as he sees fit.

Red horde shouts “Hallelujah, lord!”
and climbs on board the bus to Dubbyville
as Bush continues spooning up
more irritating swill.

Our nation is now safer
with the fourteen hundred dead
the war has cost so far
and purple fingers wave in unison to prove it!

The moms whose kids have died protecting them
from bad Saddam
might wonder where the weapon that he had
to kill us all has gone:
did Rumsfeld secretly remove it ?

Our triumph over evil in Iraq
reduces disappointment
with the fact
that one who started all this rolling
in ought one
is still at large:
all six foot four of him.

Chances that Bin Laden will be caught
are slim to naught
given that he’s bigger
than the Beatles
in his land.

More close to hand, the fiscal dice are rolling down the felt
and all our S.S. numbers
may soon melt away,
but many Wall Street brokers will rejoice the day
this C.C. Rider made his play
(that’s Compashnit Cornserv’tive to ya’ll)

Dying broke now good for you, sez Dub
so older folks who didn’t rake it in
through corporate sleaze
will no more rest at ease
through medicaid-
Team Bush now pushes for
a cut in benefits to save four billion
in the next ten years,
the cost of six months fighting wars
to make the world safe for Halliburton,
Baptists, and a franchise for G.E.

The god stays in the picture for the G.O.P.
and what Saint Paul
and Calvin once proclaimed
is fast becoming carved in D.C. stone
or destined for the constitution

This pious simpleton and acolytes
have lied and schemed
to show us what the good old days
we never had
were like

when wars were worthy of our lives
and we all slumbered under Ike

before the negroes acted up
and kids decided not to die
because some state department
said they should.

Dick sez: would you risk your life for Rice?
Does that come with lobster bisque?

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