Thursday, December 09, 2004

A Right Rum Job

The Dick Times: News that Bites!
A Right Rum Job
Dateline 9 December, a place you won’t remember!

Buck stops short of Rummy
as he dumbs up in troop inquiry!
He’s looking small in town hall group
when challenged by GIs!

He asks these guys to stand up,
take it like a man;
it’s what your president would want,
the implication runs,
while Bush is basking in the sun
of Red Mob love,
high above
the junk yard armor fray.

He wears a sharp new soldier coat,
kind of like the one Ike wore,
but sans five stars.
Dick sez: and sans his risking sorry ass
in shooting wars.

And! The Diquiz!
Thirty years from now, will counter-culture kids
be combing through the resale shops
looking for “ one of those way cool
commander-in-chief jackets just like, uh,
you, like, know, like, uh that Clinton, like, wore”?

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