Sunday, October 31, 2004

News that Bites nails

The Dick Times: News that Bites!
Dateline 31 October, hidden caves, etc.

Bearded guy spits in Bush’s eye!
Job One lobs gob at Dub,
Job Two sinks in swampy goo!

Texas guy tells whopper lie!
Bush claims primacy in terror war ability,
cites four years creating instability,
and warns “A novice cannot serve
in that capacity!”

Writer guy heaves anxious sigh!
Election day draws near
and many have a fear
of changing horse’s asses
in midstream!

Dick’s ironic dream:
Texas gelding cut from herd,
rendered into glue
and used to patch
the tattered bill of rights.

And! The AppenDicks!
Containing the first ten
Ashcroft amendment alterations.

1. Some churches can’t be consulted while
legislation is being drafted.
2. A strong militia must serve extended terms
protecting U.S. corporate interests abroad.
3. Keep an extra army cot in your spare bedroom.
4. Usually, police just can’t come into your house
just for the hell of it unless they have
a darned good reason.
5. Most of the time people won’t have to confess
if they aren’t guilty.
6. You ought to get a pretty fast trial,
all things considered, it you’re not guilty.
7. If a jury finds you innocent take the first
opportunity to emigrate in case we change our minds.
8. Cruel and/ or unusual people will get punished.
9. If it’s not listed here, forget about it.
10. If you can’t forget about it
don’t come whining to us.
“Judeo / Christian deity bless America “

Jim Mall Chicago

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