Saturday, December 03, 2016


Live from the armchair! It's The Dick Times: News that Bites !!Wars are good for business. Every sector of the economy spikes. Heavy industry requires new factory workers, and production is necessarily domestic. Technology leaps forward under government contracts, and new inventions , devised to make war, often find peaceful uses with a few tweaks. Young patriots leave parental basements to enlist,and unemployment falls. Medicine devises great new ways to serve the horribly wounded, and this technology can be offered to civilians, at a price. Political seats are stabile, continuity and experience being more important than usual. Financial markets enjoy happier days of solid and continuing prosperity as investors jump in for a slice of the pie. Construction, real estate, and agriculture all benefit. Flag burning loses its appeal, and Wikileaks is universally despised. A chief executive with corporate ties would profit immensely, as would all those close to him. Congress would be loathe to examine his activities or look for tax records, should that ever have occurred to any there to do so. The media, which put him in office through a lifetime of fawning, would buckle, bow, and click its heels, jawohling loudly lest it not be heard. Our CEO in waiting might now be warming his smallish hands over ashtrays of ashes, remnants of warnings and admonishments from the timid left. His Christmas will arrive on January 20. Dick sez: don't buy war bonds from Donald Trump. His record of repayment shows a lack of concern with lenders. After all, once he has the money there's no reason to give it back. That's for losers.

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