Thursday, February 18, 2016

What's My Line?

Breaking news from the desk of THE DICK TIMES: NEWS THAT BITES! Dateline Chicago 18 Feb. Obama to nominate Hillary Clinton for the vacant Supreme Court seat! Such a brilliant and Machiavellean ploy would shatter the GOP's resolve to delay, block, obstruct and otherwise defeat the president by removing the main threat to their own candidate in the November election. The right wing would then be forced to affirm Clinton in hopes that her removal from contention would allow Sanders to slide into the Democrat's spot which, they think, would then be vulnerable to attack from anyone but Sarah Palin, if that. Dick sez (sort of quoting) : Chicago politics ain't beanbag, and Obama is known to be a poker player. AND: THE DICKQUIZ!! What's the line in Randy Newman's Rednecks that best describes the last seven years of Republican behavior? ( whisper it to yourself )

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