Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Pinkos in Washington!

The Dick Times: News that Bites!
News flash a la fleshy flasher
straight from Dick, a small time basher
of the far right party crashers!
Dateline Chicago, 20 October,
Year of the Post Turtle!

Red Horde sees pink
as Dee Cee sinks in homo overload!
More guys come out than clowns
from little circus car
and Bushies think that losing House
may not be far away!

Long time aides and helpers
at the seat of power
admit they took
a golden shower!

Ohio loses red votes by the hour
as gays and grifter congressmen
are outed, jailed, indicted, or accused
of sinning in the sight of Dub,
the poison spider at the hub
of all this scandal!
Dick sez: hey, someone, pull the handle
on this toilet.

More military miscues
as many generals accuse Iraqis
of resistance!
“Their persistence in this fight
is just a sham
to get good photo ops in U.S. press”
says Tony Snow,
the latest frontline liar
from the White House
in the current mess.

Daily deaths of home town kids
are just beside the point, this ass instructs
at Dub’s request,
and furthermore, as always,
just shut up,
your government knows best.

And!! The Diquiz!
Over fifty? Then how much of this
have you heard before?
Boo hoo, poor us.

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